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Dec 2020

2021: More to MenaITech’s MenaPAY® Training Programs

By creating our Certified MenaPAY® Professional Training Program and our Certified MenaPAY Associate Training Program; we’ve designed a passport to a new level of knowledge, skills, and experience for an effective HR professional in the organizations. 

Our Programs not only provide HR practical professional knowledge and skills, but is a steppingstone for career growth. By being exposed to the latest HR digital transformation practices, and expand your horizons so you can better think strategically. As they will give you the tools and Skills you need to become a valuable member of the decision-making process at your organization.

During the last quarter of 2020; four online Programs were successfully conducted, to our clients in Jordan & KSA. With total number of 90 candidates who successfully received our extensive training program during the year.

In course of 2021, MenaITech will offer a new variety of programs in addition to its existing ones, with capacity for more candidates, organizations, and sectors. For more information, you can email: trainingservices@menaitech.com