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Jan 2023

Menaitech Annual Lunch & Recognition of Top Achievers

As part of its celebration of success accomplished during 2022 and to honor its employees of the year, Menaitech held its annual lunch for all its employees. 

“I want to thank everyone here for all their contributions in making Menaitech a leading HRMS company and among the prominent corporations of the region, year after year,” Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, Founder and CEO of Menaitech told the invitees. “Each one of us has been key in our mutual success and, to this date, we have together thrived in surpassing even our most aggressive targets.”

Around 200 employees attended the event, along with management and some members of the Board.

Winners of the employee of the year award for the year 2022 were honored at the event. This year, three employees were selected for their dedication and exceptional achievements: Abdallah Khader, Team Leader and Functional Customer Support Consultant; Abeer Remawi, Quality Control Team Leader; and Ahmed Ansari, Project Manager, Partners Relations (GCC). 

In addition, two employees that were selected to receive the 2021 Employee of the Year award were honored at the event: Mai Hindash, Customer Success Manager, and Mohammad Tayyem, Senior Technical Support Officer. CEO Hawamdeh thanked and commended each awardee for their specific achievements and presented them with a prize.

The event concluded following a photo opportunity and different interactions among all employees.