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Jun 2023

South Africa: Menaitech’s Latest Market

Expanding its reach beyond the Middle East and North Africa, Menaitech established its presence in South Africa with a launch event held in Johannesburg. Bringing together around 100 HR professionals and management experts, the event was held in collaboration with Menaitech partners Techware and included presentations, Q&A sessions, and networking opportunities.

A virtual MC guided the presented sessions, reflecting Menaitech’s emphasis on AI technology. Attendees expressed admiration of the high-tech touch particularly represented by the virtual MC coming to life by the end of the event.

Following a welcome note and introduction of both Menaitech and Techware, a system demonstration of Menaitech’s HRMS solutions was presented. The discussion section that ensued was lively with high interest and interaction from participants from businesses that came from various sectors.

The general consensus by HR and management experts at the event was that the Menaitech system covers all aspects and needs of HR management. The voice chat service (MenaBot) available on the MenaME-Plus+® application was particularly considered an added-value to the products and services already provided by Menaitech.

South Africa promises to be an auspicious market for Menaitech as it continues to lead in innovating customized HR management solutions in the region and well beyond.