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Jul 2023

Sharing Menaitech’s Latest With Clients

With an aim to keep its clients informed on its latest features, Menaitech held an event of presentations and demos in Hilton Amman for HR professionals using the Menaitech human resource management system.

Following its customer-centric strategy, Menaitech management was keen on maximizing utilization so that every user feels comfortable to make use of every feature offered by its new and upgraded HRMS system.

The event started with a video featuring Menaitech’s journey of innovation, followed by a welcome note by the company CEO, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, who briefed the audience on the overall look and feel of the new system version and the latest updates offered by it. A demo of the revamped system new features and services was then presented in more detail, taking the audience through the experience of utilizing the profiles and modules with their new look and feel.

The orientation concluded with a presentation of Menaitech’s roadmap, which was shared by Menaitech Chief Revenue Officer Mahmoud Alawneh as part of sharing the company vision and strategy for products roadmap.

The upgraded system provides a more comprehensive, easy-to-use version that offers enhancements in performance and user experience of existing profiles, in addition to new modules such as the onboarding module and the individual development plan module. The new version also puts forth a voice chat service (MenaBot) on the new mobile application MenaME-Plus+.