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Jun 2023

Menaitech Empowers Customers with Free Training on Talent Management System, MenaHR® Curio®

A two-day training was held for around 200 customers. Focusing on optimizing the use of Menaitech’s MenaHR® and its Talent Management solution, Curio®, the training took the participants on a hands-on exploration of the features provided and the best ways to utilize them for business success.

Held on June 6 and 7, 2023, at the Hilton Amman, the agenda covered various modules including talent acquisition, onboarding, individual development plans, performance appraisal, career path planning, succession planning, and the Nine-Box Talent Matrix.
The initiative aimed to equip participants with practical skills to effectively leverage MenaHR® and maximize their utilization of the Talent Management solution, Curio® in their organizations’ talent management processes.

With MenaHR® and its Talent Management solution, Curio®, we guide you every step of the way in achieving your organization’s goals.

Our cloud-based Human Capital Management System (HCMS) facilitates communication and simplifies data collection and analysis, from recruitment to the end of an employee’s journey. This ensures that time is not wasted on mundane tasks and allows each individual in the organization to focus their efforts on meaningful endeavors.