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Mar 2019

MenaITech concludes its third training course for the Professional Certificate of MPAY-CP

Amman- In its certified and specialized program, MenaPay Professional program, which was designed to provide the employees with knowledge and skills in payroll cycle and managing core personnel functions, MenaITech has recently concluded its third training course “MPAY-CP”.

With the conclusion of the third training course for MPAY-CP, held by MenaITech which specializes in human resources management systems and programs, in collaboration with the Henley Academy for training and development, MenaITech confirms its continued role in qualifying the employees in the human resources management sector and increasing their knowledge especially in managing salaries and employees’ affairs.

After the conclusion of the training course, the outputs were evaluated using an examination that measures all the skills included in this course.

At the end of the training program, Mr. Fadi Al Tarifi, the Knowledge & Development Director at MenaITech handed the certificates to the participants.

Founder and executive president of MenaITech Dr. Hawadeh confirmed the importance of the training courses that specialize in human resources systems and their role in refining and enhancing the skills of the employees working in the human resources departments.

Hawamdeh also noted that conducting these courses within this specialized program emerges from the company’s belief in the importance of qualifying the employees working in the human resources management departments and increasing their knowledge especially about payroll systems and personnel functions.

Hawamdeh noted that the participants received content about the latest human resources management techniques and how to use them in their respective companies and firms.

MenaITech has entered a strategic agreement with Henley Academy to conduct some specialized training courses in payroll cycles and managing core personnel functions (MPAY-CP), which include training material designed by experts in MenaITech that adopt the highest international human resources standards and is directed towards university students and new staff in human resources departments.

It should be noted that MenaITech provides a large space for creativity and innovation for its patented systems and that it has been in the market for nearly 15 years amidst important success stories that it has achieved in the Middle East and North Africa, the latest of which was its classification among the most notable ten solutions for human resources management and the 10 most important payroll systems in the world.