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Nov 2019

MenaITech holds its annual sales meeting and emphasizes the importance of customer service and cloud computing solutions

MenaITech’s management reaffirmed its strategic plan for the next year which includes continuing to develop its technology in the field of human capital management with a focus on cloud computing solutions as part of its growing product portfolio.

The company also emphasized that its strategy for 2020 will be focusing on customer service and sales specialization while seeking other business lines to boost the company’s sales in the region.

This came during the annual meeting with the sales department, which was held last Thursday at the Intercontinental Hotel in Amman.

The meeting was attended by MenaITech Chairman Habib Ghawi as well as the CEO and founder Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, line managers, and sales staff from various offices in Jordan and the region.

The company’s achievements and sales during 2019 were discussed in the meeting and next year’s plan as well. The plan will be focusing on the guidelines for developing existing products, introducing new products, seeking to enter new markets, and increasing sales.

MenaITech Chairman Habib Ghawi stressed the importance of the company’s achievements over the past years, and this years’ achievements despite the economic challenges in the region’s markets that rely on a homogeneous team in technology, sales, and marketing. Confirming the continued development of intellectual property products and keeping pace with the developments in the sector, especially in cloud computing technology.

The CEO and the founder of MenaITech, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, said that this meeting which the company organizes annually with the sales department comes to discuss the company’s achievements in 2019 and to study and discuss plans for the next year to ensure the company is in the right direction, stressing the importance of the company’s managers and employees’ participation in facing the challenges and shaping the future of the company.

Hawamdeh confirmed, that the company’s sales strategy in 2020 will focus heavily on recurring businesses and services “businesses with high ROI and recurring revenue “, and focusing on developing and selling cloud-based technology solutions, especially software solutions such as SaaS (Software as a service).

He pointed out that the company next year will be seeking to exploit all available capabilities, especially as the region’s markets are witnessing more trends towards digital transformation and adoption of digital systems, especially in an important sector such as the human capital.

MenaITech succeeded in building its reputation over the last 16 years as a leader and a provider of technological solutions to human resources. These solutions served more than 2,000 companies and 500 cloud computing customers in the MENA region! MenaITech’s portfolio includes more than 1.5 million users in 25 countries which reinforce its position as a true innovator and a pioneer of technological advancement in the region.