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Jun 2019

MenaITech Announces Launch of Talent Management Platform Curio

Amman — In line with the latest information technology developments, digital transformation trends and technological progress sweeping across all economic sectors which are being utilized to support leadership and talent in the Jordanian economy, MenaITech recently launched a new talent management platform. 

MenaITech released this new platform under the name Curio with a new look and feel and updated functionality in line with the recent changes happening in the workplace and to meet all the requirements that come with its dynamic nature. 

The launch of this platform coincides with the release of new official numbers that show internet subscriptions in the Kingdom have reached approximately 8.7 million and other indicators have shown that Jordan is in 50th place out of 119 countries in talent competitiveness as reported in the Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2018 published by INSEAD. 

The founder and CEO of MenaITech, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, stressed the importance of implementing this technology that will support leadership and talent development, especially when it comes to Jordan’s capable human capital to make a positive impact on the economy.  

Hawamdeh added that the new technology puts the future in the hands of users with features and functions that allow all industries to benefit from this user-friendly platform. 

The talent management platform, Curio, covers performance appraisals, training and development, career path planning, and succession planning.