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Jan 2021

MenaITech Streamlines and Improves HR Functionality at Nabih Elias Azzam & Partners (NEA)

MenaITech, a Jordan-based company specializing in human capital information systems, has been working with Nabih Elias Azzam & Partners (NEA) to implement MenaITech cloud-based HR and payroll systems, streamlining NEA’s workflow. This relationship has caused NEA to skyrocket in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and virtual integration. 


NEA offers a comprehensive range of specialist consultancy services including cost management, quantity surveying and project management to public and private sector organizations in the Middle East, Gulf and Africa. They have more than 39 years of experience, gained on over 1500 local and international contracts worth over 10 Billion USD combined, across a broad range of clients and sectors.

They had to take on a number of factors that allowed them to expand in such a manner, which is why they sought out MenaITech’s services. Their HR and payroll solutions were always completed in a traditional manner; calculated completely manually. This consistently caused disruptions between the accounting team and HR team that would often last for a few days, in order to ensure that everything was accurate and that there were no errors present. 

From there, they decided to utilize MenaITech Cloud HR Solutions; to help rectify these issues. It also helped them reduce their overall costs significantly. They found that it took them only a few clicks to resolve issues that would have taken them days to fix previously. 

They also found that MenaITech’s systems were especially valuable during the Covid-19 pandemic, as it has allowed them to work remotely with no issues by giving them full access to data at any time without having to return to the office to access physical documents.

They have implemented a variety of MenaITech systems in order to achieve all of the above. MenaPay® to help them manage their payroll-related process, maximize efficiency and accuracy, MenaME® to give their workforce access to their information and basic HR requests virtually, MenaTA® to help improve employees’ time and attendance management, and the full MenaITech app to ensure all these services are accessible on-the-go.

On their relationship with MenaITech, Mr. Laith Azzam, CBDO at NEA, stated, “In a nutshell, I will say that having MenaITech cloud as a supplier is not just about purchasing a product, it has developed into having a strategic partner that has helped us along the way to reach where we are today when it comes to HR​ and payroll​.”