Our News
Nov 2021

MenaITech, the Multinational HRMS Provider, has Now Expanded its Services to Companies and Clients in Cairo!

This fall, MenaITech and hundreds of ICT corporations participated in the Cairo ICT 2021 Technology Fair and Forum, the largest technology exhibition in the MENA region.

From November 7th until the 10th, Cairo ICT hosted their 25th Technology Fair and Forum at the Egypt International Exhibition Center in New Cairo, where we had our own booth for the duration of the exhibition. We were even more pleased to announce that our services have expanded further into the Egyptian market.

Because the ICT scene is ever growing, we are making sure to match the pace to meet the needs of our clients. Our solutions help bring a complete digital transformation to your workspace: reducing operational costs, saving time to focus on strategy, and empowering employees.

We are focused on user-centricity and our tech-enabled company operates on web, mobile devices, and the cloud, helping you build a platform that lets you perform your tasks in record time. That’s the promise we made, and have kept, for over 17 years to more than 3,000 clients in the MENA region.

All attendees got the opportunity to network, discover, and learn more about who we are and what we offer.

Just in case you missed the exhibition, some of our products and services include:

MenaHR® and Curio®: From hire-to-retire, our cloud-based HRMS helps you acquire, select, train, develop, support, and retain valuable employees, as well as planning out a career map for career path planning and preparing employees through succession planning to take over key positions in the organization.

MenaPAY®: Your window into a world of automated and streamlined payroll and personnel management that is localized to stay compliant with labor laws, social security policies and tax laws.

MenaME®:  This employee self-service solution is an online portal where employees can access HR-related information and request for services, promoting employee experience and engagement.

MenaTA®: Create schedules and rosters designed for you and your team, punch in and punch out with online Geolocation, keep track of employees’ leaves, overtimes, absences, vacations and more.

MenaExplorer®: A multidimensional organizational analytics platform that simplifies the collection of data, transforming insights into valuable analytics that support strategic decision-making.

Mena360®: The feedback platform that includes all members of the team in the assessment process.

There is no limit to the benefits you will gain when you become our partner or client. MenaITech’s solutions cover the need of every department, helping you achieve your personal and organizational goals, efficiently and effectively.

For those who met with us at stand 4B9 in Hall 4, we thank you for stopping by!