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Feb 2021

Amman TV Features MenaITech’s Success Story

Amman TV hosted Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, Founder & CEO of MenaITech, to share his success story on the “صنع بلادي” show, which aims to support local industries and raise awareness around them, encourage people to depend on local products, and encourage Jordanian organizations, manufacturers, and IPs to help the community. 

During the interview, Dr. Bashar shared his passion for soccer, sports, and technology and shared with us how creating an Internet Technology company was beyond his wildest dreams!

Had it not been for his father’s advice and persistence, he wouldn’t have obtained a degree in Computer Science from Mutah University, located in Al Karak, South of Jordan. 

Dr. Bashar started his career at a small company where he was forced to wear multiple hats. He was a computer programmer, learned how to test and deploy programs, market them, and if possible, he would even sell them! Essentially, he learned the entire development cycle, and also learned how to work in a team and delegate tasks. What captivated Dr. Bashar the most about this small company was how it embraced the employees, invested in them, and allowed them to grow. The overwhelming sense of appreciation was not to be forgotten.

Later, Dr. Bashar and a few partners started MenaITech with an initial investment of only 15,000 JOD. He always envisioned MenaITech as a large player in the IT sector in the MENA region, focused on delivering localized tools in the Human Resources space. Dr. Bashar also wanted MenaITech’s employees to play a key role in its success and made sure to do so by empowering his employees and managers and invest in them; just like he was treated during his first job.

MenaITech currently serves more than 2500+ clients and 1.5+ Million system users across 25 countries and is the MENA Region’s largest and most advanced Human Capital Information Systems (HCIS) provider. MenaITech pioneered the development of HCIS and Human Resources (HR) solutions across a diverse range of industries. Their comprehensive suite of solutions and services helps organizations utilize their human capital in a way that empowers both employees and managers to ultimately drive growth and efficiency. 

MenaITech recognized that a diverse and inclusive employee base is a crucial part of a company’s success. Ms. Sara Mahadeen, Regional Business Development Manager, spoke about the company’s mission, vision and expansion in the MENA market as a key-player and provider of Human Capital Information Systems (HCIS). Mahadeen also mentioned how MenaITech has been helping thousands of companies acquire talent through well-designed processes and procedures.

Furthermore, Mr. Omar Abu Shaqra, CTO (Chief Technology Officer), Cloud Architect, added that the company’s approach aims to meet the market’s needs when it comes to business and functional requirements. Abu Shaqra mentioned that MenaITech is always re-innovating their product suite to remain on the cutting edge of Internet technology. This includes both Business Intelligence and Human Resources solutions that automate the recruitment cycle.

You can watch the full interview from this link: