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Dec 2022

Mawarid Distribution and Trading Group takes off with Menaitech solutions

Menaitech has successfully completed the implementation of various HR management solutions for Mawarid Distribution and Trading Group, with that serving over 3,000 employees across five different countries in the MENA region: KSA, OMAN, UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar.

Mawarid Group’s regional companies have implemented Menaitech HRMS that covers payroll, personnel, talent management, attendance management and self-services web and mobile application through MenaPay®, MenaHR®, MenaTA®, and MenaME®.

In a high-profile implementation project closing with Mawarid Group’s upper management, Menaitech’s Saudi Arabia team reiterated continued support and both parties expressed hope for a long partnership and a full utilization of the many features that the Menaitech HR management system offers.

Over a year, the two teams have worked hand in hand to equip users with the skills that guarantee full utilization of the features and ease of use, resulting in team satisfaction. By end of this month, the Menaitech team will have ensured project stability and proper handover until complete ownership has been achieved according to Mawarid Group company variables and requirements. Menaitech continues its support to all its clients as it regularly updates them on implemented upgrades and enhanced features, and it caters to any inquiries or issues that they may face.

Founded more than three decades ago, Mawarid Distribution and Trading Group is a multi-faceted international conglomerate that has become one of the largest holding companies in the Middle East. Its diverse activities include industry, banking, finance, telecommunications, and others, and it works with some of the biggest international market brands. Mawarid Group is centered in Saudi Arabia and has extended its reach to the Arabian Peninsula and owns affiliate companies in the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Lebanon.

Known for its leading role in the development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as it expands to regional countries, Mawarid Distribution and Trading Group places high value on human capital as part of its clearly defined strategy of building and developing its capabilities. Its “Commitment to the Future” statement affirms that its “strengths lie in [its] human resources.” Its choice of Menaitech as a long-term partner in supporting this priority pillar speaks of trust from Mawarid Group and capability from Menaitech.