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Jun 2021

Celebrating Father’s Day in Style

With summer in full swing, the air is filled with smells of barbeque, juicy fresh watermelon, squeals of children finished with the school year, and calls of Happy Father’s Day along with them. On June 21st, 2021, many countries all around the world rang in the summer season by celebrating the most important men in their lives; their fathers. Father’s day is an occasion that celebrates fatherhood and strong paternal bonds that families have with their dads, a special and joyous occasion that is not to be missed. While every day is a day to celebrate our wonderful super-dads, this day specifically commemorates them and all the incredible work that they do. Our fathers, who have held us high on their shoulders ever since we were young, showed us that our dreams are never too far out of reach and kept rooting for us to achieve the impossible. 

Here at MenaITech, we honored our office’s fathers and fathers-to-be, helping employees celebrate their big day quite fashionably with custom-made polo t-shirts, a perfect gift for dads and a stylish way to beat the summer heat. We want our office dads and dads all around the world to know how much we appreciate and love them for their hard work, support, resilience, care, and love they give to their families. We want to thank them and say: thank you, dad, for being a source of wisdom and friendship, a guiding beacon of light and hope, and the shoulder we can lean on when times get tough.