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Jul 2023

Supporting Youth Innovation At HTU National SUMO Robot Contest

Menaitech participated in sponsoring the Second National SUMO Robot Contest, which was hosted at Al Hussein Technical University (HTU). With the goal to support digital initiatives and innovation by providing opportunities for Jordanian youth to compete with unique robot designs and strategic programming, the contest brought together participating and cheering students, mentors, jury, and sponsors. Attending the closing and awarding ceremony alongside HTU President, Prof. Ismail Al Hinti, was Menaitech CEO, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh.

One of the most popular robotics competitions in the world, the robot sumo is a contest in which two robots attempt to push each other out of a circle, simulating the Japanese national wrestling sport. The robots used in this competition are called sumobots, and are of two types: operated through a radio-control system and autonomous, which operates by itself with a computer code loaded in its system.

In his opening of the tournament, Prof. Al Hinti welcomed the attendees, expressing pleasure with the student participation and pride in the various advanced skills exhibited by the students of HTU. He added that this championship exemplifies the university’s commitment to its goals to empower Jordanian youth in the technological and technical fields to be global competitors in the modern and accelerating labor market.

Considered the largest robot competition in Jordan, the contest this year brought together more than 150 teams from more than 50 universities and schools. More than 600 students participated in a thrilling contest that was juried by expert jury. Over two days, the teams participated in workshops, prepared their work according to set requirements, and competed through elimination stages until the decisive contest between the finalists. Contestants were required to apply programming concepts and commands, and employ critical thinking to identify effective approaches for achieving success in the contest.

With its known support for youth, innovation, and achievement, Menaitech has been supporting this annual competition for the opportunities it offers Jordanian youth to engage while learning about mechanical design, programming, critical thinking, and problem solving.