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Jun 2023

Menaitech Integrates Masdr and Muqeem Within Its System in Saudi Arabia

Menaitech’s comprehensive system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has integrated within it the Masdr platform and Muqeem portal. This integration marks a significant milestone in Menaitech’s commitment to delivering efficient and streamlined workforce management processes for organizations in the region.

The integration of Masdr and Muqeem into Menaitech’s system brings forth a multitude of benefits, enhancing the capabilities and functionalities offered to organizations operating in Saudi Arabia. 

Through Muqeem, the Menaitech system enables the immediate management of work residency data in simultaneous coordination with official Saudi government authorities. Organizations can now efficiently handle various processes related to work residencies, including recording entry and exit procedures. This feature ensures accurate tracking of employee residency-related action and facilitates the adherence to government regulations. Additionally, Muqeem simplifies the issuance, renewal, and transfer of residencies, providing organizations with a streamlined administrative process.

In a similar fashion, the integration with Masdr allows the Menaitech system to empower organizations with comprehensive tools for managing and reviewing data related to social insurance transactions for Saudi employees. The platform facilitates seamless synchronization of any modifications made to employee data, ensuring accuracy and consistency across the system. Notably, the Masdr platform streamlines the process of canceling insurance subscriptions, providing organizations with an efficient and hassle-free procedure.

The integration of the two powerful platforms into Menaitech’s system reinforces the company’s commitment to innovation and addressing the evolving needs of organizations in the HR management landscape. By consolidating essential functionalities into a unified platform, Menaitech offers a comprehensive solution that promotes efficiency, accuracy, and compliance in workforce management.

Menaitech is a leading provider of advanced HR management solutions, offering innovative solutions to streamline workforce management processes.