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Jan 2023

Menaitech Employees Engage in “Building Teams Through Values” Workshop

A workshop, titled “Building teams through values,” was organized with the aim to equip Menaitech employees with the skills and tools they need to enhance team work and build a strong company culture. 

The workshop was organized and delivered by Challenger Team, a regional organization specializing in corporate team building and leadership development. 

Several discussions and team building exercises focused on the importance of alignment to company shared values in building a successful team and flexible problem solving with clear roles and workflow. The exercises were designed to encourage collaboration, creativity, and effective communication among team members, while highlighting the benefits of a strong team dynamic for the company as a whole.

The workshop was organized by Challenger Team’s experienced facilitators, who are experts in corporate team building and leadership development. They utilized a range of interactive and engaging activities to promote teamwork and encourage participants to reflect on their personal values and how they align with those of the company.

Overall, the “Building teams through values” workshop was a resounding success for Menaitech and demonstrated the company’s commitment to investing in its employees and building a strong team dynamic. The workshop provided Menaitech employees with the skills and tools they need to work effectively as a team and build a culture of shared values with the aim to contribute to Menaitech’s continued success and growth.