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Jan 2023

Menaitech inspires ICT undergraduates at Tafila Technical University

Menaitech sponsored an event held by the ICT Association of Jordan (Intaj) at Tafila Technical University with the aim to bridge the gap between academia and industry. Two discussion meetings were held to address job market needs in Jordan and look at competencies and skills required for youth employment in the private sector today.

The event brought together experts in related fields and professionals from different industries in the private sector who first sat with the Dean of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Dr. Khalid Al-Omaireen, in addition to some ICT faculty members and students. The attendees were presented with the university’s plans and accomplishments and discussed the current job market situation and the role and responsibility of academia and the private sector in collaborating toward a strategic linkage of skills and talents to the needs of the market.

Joined in the university auditorium by students from the ICT faculty, sponsoring companies made presentations about their work and contributions and responded to questions from the audience. The Menaitech team made a presentation about the vision and services of Menaitech. They also addressed student’s concerns regarding the job market and the role of universities, and discussed with them the best paths toward careers that match their skills and interests. Discussions also covered job requirements, talent acquisition, training, tools, as well as challenges and opportunities faced at Menaitech.

The visit concluded with lunch with the students and will be followed by other such visits to universities to inspire the new generation with skill building and best meeting the needs of the Jordanian market.