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Mar 2017

MenaITech Implements Environmentally Friendly Workplace Initiative to Recycle Paper

MenaITech announced that it has started implementing an environmentally friendly workplace initiative through a paper recycling program as part of its corporate social responsibility strategy.

MenaITech signed an agreement with the Faster Step for Recycling to recycle the company’s papers.

CEO of MenaITech, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, said, “Our corporate social responsibility strategy focuses on creating an eco-friendly work environment by reducing the use of paper on one hand and recycling our used paper on the other hand.”

He added, “We encourage all companies to implement similar initiatives as dealing with resource consumption and waste is a matter that affects our entire civilization. We seek to raise awareness and educate the business community on the importance of protecting natural resources and the world we live in.”

Hawamdeh concluded that recycling paper and cardboard is at the core of dealing with recyclable wastes such as plastics and metals. The expansion of the recycling industry could open up opportunities for new generations of young people who want to create environmentally friendly industries through recycling activities which are done by private plants, as is the case for many countries around the world.