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Sep 2017

IraqCom Adopts MenaITech Human Resources Systems

IraqCom, an Iraqi company specializing in information technology and mobile services, adopted the Jordan-based MenaITech’s systems and solutions for human resources management as part of an agreement signed recently.

The agreement involves MenaITech providing its human resources management solutions to IraqCom, covering HR planning and development, employee self-service platform, and a payroll system to streamline and increase the efficiency of the Iraqi company’s human capital.

The agreement between the two companies also involves IraqCom selling MenaITech’s HR technology in Kurdistan to attract more clients in this promising market.

Through this agreement, MenaITech has been able to continuously expand its client base; specifically, clients who are looking for efficiency, speed, and accuracy when it comes to managing their human resources. In addition, this deal is important because it allows MenaITech to enter the Kurdistan/Iraq markets which has vast potential.

MenaITech’s CEO, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, welcomed the deal to adopt MenaITech’s systems and solutions by IraqCom. He commented, “MenaITech is pleased to serve IraqCom and to support it with our HR solutions.” He added, “We are providing IraqCom with specialized human resources management systems to help them manage their human resources with the speed and efficiency they require.”

This agreement represents a major milestone. Entering a market rich with opportunities like Kurdistan/Iraq comes at a time when companies and institutions from all sectors are beginning to adopt digital solutions and technology to manage their business, and this of course, includes the management of their human resources.

MenaITech has been able to build its reputation over 14 years as a leader in providing human capital information technology. The company serves over 1,700 companies and 400 cloud-computing clients in the Middle East and North Africa region. MenaITech’s portfolio has over 1.5 million users across 25 countries, reinforcing its position as a real innovator and engine of technological development in the region.