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Dec 2017

MenaITech Launches New Version of its Human Resources Analytics Platform MenaExplorer®

As part of MenaITech’s continuous commitment to innovate and update its product offering, it recently launched a new version of its multi-dimensional HR analytics and metrics dashboard, MenaExplorer®.

The new version of MenaExplorer® is available for MenaITech’s clients across all business sectors and current users of its software and systems, including the original MenaExplorer®. The new version contains many added features that can help decision makers with user-friendly tools that provides a bird’s eye view of an organization’s human capital.

MenaExplorer® is a powerful multi-dimensional analytics and metrics dashboard that gives managers and decision makers an overview of the effectiveness and performance of their organization. The dashboard presents a wide range of data in addition to accurate and timely indicators to help managers make the best decisions for their organization.

MenaExplorer® relies on a variety of human capital analysis models and HR standards and provides key graphical and metrics in the organization through a user-friendly platform. MenaExplorer® provides analyses that can inform strategic decisions which impact an organization’s efficiency and sustainability.

The new MenaExplorer® contains high-level HR analytics features such as: Absences, return on human capital investment, employee turnover (voluntary and involuntary), employee retention, payroll benchmarks, workforce demographics and distribution, job completion rates, cost of employment measures, return on training and development investment, career path data, and performance review measurements.

The company’s founder and CEO, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh said that the launch of the new MenaExplorer® comes as part of the company’s continuous systems and software innovation and as part of its commitment to better serve clients with the ability to increase the effectiveness of HR related decisions.

He reaffirmed that the new MenaExplorer®, with its added features, will give businesses high-level standards, data and analysis that would increase the effectiveness of managing the human element within their organizations.

MenaITech has been able to build its reputation over 14 years as a leader in providing human capital information technology. The company serves over 1,700 companies and 400 cloud-computing clients in the Middle East and North Africa region. MenaITech’s portfolio has over 1.5 million users across 25 countries, reinforcing its position as a real innovator and engine of technological development in the region.