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Nov 2017

MenaITech Reaffirms Importance of Engaging with the Community, Hosts Orphans at its Offices

As part of its ongoing corporate social responsibility and focus on community engagement, MenaITech, the Jordan-based company specializing in human capital information systems, organized a fun-filled day of activities for a group of orphans at its offices.

The event which took place on World Orphans Day (November 13), involved hosting 14 children from the Sultan Association for Social Solidarity (Al Baqaa Refugee Camp) at MenaITech headquarters in Amman. The children enjoyed a day of educational and fun activities.

The company reaffirmed that this activity is part of its corporate social responsibility toward an important sector of society. Orphans who have lost their parents need help and it is a shared responsibility to care for and support them in order to give them a chance at succeeding in life.

Throughout the year, MenaITech has conducted several initiatives and programs to support, train, and help youth, the underprivileged and orphans to tackle challenges like poverty and unemployment.

Founder and CEO of MenaITech, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh said that this activity is the least that could be done for such a crucial sector of our society as orphans requires greater levels of support, care and solidarity.

Hawamdeh added that since MenaITech’s establishment, it has been focused on implementing the concept of corporate social responsibility through various programs and initiatives, especially when it comes to supporting youth and entrepreneurship. He also added that it is vital to engage with all sectors of society, from those with limited incomes, underprivileged families, and orphans to create a unified society as this reflects positively on the local community and ultimately contributes to the success of the company.