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Feb 2021

MenaITech’s Approach to Dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the entire world is going through rough times because of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies had to step up their creativity and innovate in order to stay in the game. By maintaining a consistent remote workforce, updating normal work protocols and policies, and managing their employee modern workspace and productivity, these companies were able to survive the first year of the pandemic.

Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, CEO & founder of MenaITech – the most advanced Human Capital Information Systems (HCIS) provider in the MENA region – recently shared how MenaITech dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic in a number of interviews with well-known local and regional TV channels and magazines. 

He mentioned how companies learnt how to maintain work by being forced to manage employees working remotely, acquiring remote talent, as well as, managing clients from a distance.

He also added that the pandemic switched the entire world’s attention to the importance of the Internet; the online world made up of applications, websites and social media platforms. Although the pandemic required quarantines and lockdowns, companies were still able to conduct business because of the high connectivity we have these days because of Internet technologies.

In addition, Dr. Hawamdeh said: “Data is a sustainable, priceless tool that we crucially need. It is leading the entire world, and we have to understand that.” He also mentioned that MenaITech has launched a new concept called (Jordan Data Bank), which gathers all the important data of an individual within one compiled file. It aims to help with controlling the spread of the pandemic and protect the people around us. MenaITech also launched an initiative called (Health Tech) that connects a number of startups in this field, and empowers them in current times.

Overall, MenaITech recorded good results during the 3-month-lockdown, as they managed to keep the workflow consistent and pay full salaries to employees working remotely. They also succeeded in expanding to Saudi Arabia, one of their most important markets in the MENA region and were also able to solve some issues regarding “Security and performance” as the entire team was working remotely.

Dr. Hawamdeh ended his article by saying: “The smartest will stay in the game, not the strongest!” and wished the local, regional and global markets a fast recovery.