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Nov 2014

MenaITech to develop its cloud computing platform

AMMAN— Following its achievement in the field of programming, software development and presence in 19 regional markets, MenaITech succeed in building and developing its cloud computing platform that displays these programmes.
Through this platform, MenaITech managed to attract 150 institutions that use and benefit from its human resources programmes.

With this announcement, the company also ensured that it will continue working on the development of this platform and increase number of softwares on display. Currently there are five softwares displayed in the platform and used for human resources management.

At a press conference held yesterday on the sidelines of Mena ICT Forum”2014″, MenaITech announced that for the purpose of expanding its cloud computing platform, agreements were signed with telecommunication providers including Zain and Orange.
These agreements will enable the company to host applications, develop and update them in addition to helping in marketing and selling the programmes.
The conference was by Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, CEO of MeanITech, who stressed the importance of utilizing the new technology such as cloud computing to change the business models of marketing and selling in the software industry and to assist SMEs to benefit from these programmes for reasonable prices, as these enterprises suffer from limited financial resources.

Addressing the media, Hawamdeh also stressed the importance of cloud computing technology noting that it will play a greater role in the sector’s future in the upcoming few years.
According to Hawamdeh, this technology will enable and “for the first time” the companies to use MenaITech five programmes that are currently available for use on the internet.

Meanwhile, Hawamdeh called on the entrepreneur and small companies that are establishing businesses in the field of software industry to depend on innovating new ideas, highlighting the importance of legislations stability to help the sector and companies grow and develop.
Mena ICT Forum was inaugurated by His Majesty King Abdullah II with the participation of 1,200 national and international sector leaders. MenaITech is sponsoring the forum for the second consecutive time.