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Apr 2014

MenaITech participates in Comex Exhibition 2014 in Oman

OMAN—MenaITech, the Jordanian software company specialized in the development and distribution of Human Resources solutions, participated in Comex Exhibition 2014, which was held in Oman International Exhibition Centre in Muscat from April 7 to April 11.

MenaITech’s participation in Comex Exhibition that is considered one of the most prominent IT events in Oman, falls in line with the company’s strategy, which seeks to bolster its presence in the GCC markets.

MenaITech took part in the exhibition along with other Jordanian companies at the Jordanian pavilion in collaboration with the ICT Association of Jordan (Int@j).

At its pavilion, MenaITech demonstrated of its products and solutions developed to serve the corporate sector as well as institutions from different economic fields. Such services included its IT solutions and specialized human resources and management software.

MenaITech is keen on regularly participating in regional and Arab exhibitions, forums and conferences specialized in the ICT industry, which is in harmony with its efforts to increase its presence in the markets of the region.

Organized and managed by Oman International Trade and Exhibitions and led by the Information Technology Authority of Oman, Comex 2014 showcased three pavilions featuring government portals, business solutions and consumer technology.

Commenting on the company’s participation, Bashar Hawamdeh, MenaITech CEO said that after its success in reaching 1,200 clients who use its solutions specialized in the management of human resources, the company is always keen to take part in the forums, conferences and exhibitions specialized in the in the ICT as to increase its presence in the region.

Some one million employees utilize solutions by MenaITech, which has six offices in the region and the US operated by 120 employees.

MenaITech operations are managed and led by some 120 employees in six offices in the region and the US.

Its programs include ®MenaHR, a solution that is developed to manage human resources, ®MenaPay to manage payrolls, ®Mena360 to evaluate employees performance, ®MenaExplorer, statistical analysis system ®MenaExplorer, and the “revolutionary” system for mobile alert ®MenaSMS.