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Sep 2014

Hawamdeh highlights cloud computing technology at Fekristan

AMMAN— Cloud computing technology has become one of the main developments in the ICT sector, which companies and institutions should adopt and use to benefit from its features to reduce cost and obtain perfect services in the right time, said Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, MenaITech CEO.

In a presentation he delivered at Fekristan “New Think Theatre” that was held early September, Hawamdeh stressed the importance of this technology to manage, save and host data, in addition to use and display applications and technology solutions through the cloud computing.

Hawamdeh’s participation in the New Think Theater was part of the Technology House sessions, where he said that Cloud Computing benefit users and institutions once they are able to get the service, or save it or exchange data on the cloud computing without the need to traditional ways or so many machines to access data.

He also stressed the need for the youth to adopt the “innovation” concepts and intellectual property when thinking and starting the implementation of their own projects.

Cloud Computing is web-based technology through which users can access a big number of joint computing sources such as servers, programs applications, storing applications through computers and other machines through the internet. There are public and private clouds. It is noteworthy that MenaITech was one of the first Jordanian companies thy launched its cloud platform where it offered some of its software in the field of human resources management.