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Jul 2014

MenaITech holds iftar banquet for its employees, reviews achievements

AMMAN— MenaITech, the Jordanian company specialized in developing human
resources and institutional management programs and solutions, has honored
its employees and held its annual Iftar in Ramadan.

During the Iftar, the company presented its major achievements in the information technology regional market.

During the Iftar that was attended by employees from different administrative levels, the company stressed the importance of social networking between members of the company especially in public occasions such as in Ramadan. The company also stressed the importance of working as one family in one team spirit, which developed and contributed to the reaching of the company’s human resources products to 16 markets in the region toserve more than 1,200 clients of companies and institutions working in different economic sectors.

The company also presented its achievements during the current year that include launching the first cloud computing platform that includes major products in the field in human resources programs to be available for clients through electronic computing rather than the traditional selling ways. In addition, it presented to its employees another achievement in cooperation with Triple S company to launch the first national gate for donations with the first version that will be used to serve the Good Well Campaign Initiative by the Jordan Hashemite Fund.

The Iftar was attended by Habib Ghawi, the company’s head of board of directors and Bashar Hawamdeh the company’s CEO, and Mohammad Mefrij, CEO of Zero One Tracks and managers of different departments.

MeanITech CEO Bashar Hawamdeh stressed that the company is always keen to communicate and meet with its employees in the holy month of Ramadan, a tradition followed annually to ensure the one family and one team spirit.

He added that working as one team is a main factor that contributes to thecompany’s achievements in a competitive market such as the programming market. Hawamdeh noted that the cloud computing platform that the company launched and the work on a national gate for donations express the importance and the ability to deploy technology to serve the social responsibility.