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Mar 2018

Injaz and MenaITech Organize Visit for Students of Jawa High School for Girls

Injaz and MenaITech organized a visit for 40 students from Jawa High School for Girls to King Hussein Business Park with the goal of introducing the students to entrepreneurship incubators.

The visit involved tours of Umniah’s The Tank, Orange’s BIG and Zain’s ZINC incubators. During the tours, students viewed the services provided by these incubators to entrepreneurs and were introduced to real-world examples of young Jordanian entrepreneurs who established their startups and benefitted from these services.

Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, who is a board member of Injaz and the CEO of MenaITech, said that it is important to raise awareness and educate students in high schools and universities about entrepreneurship. He added that encouraging them at an early age to think beyond traditional employment and dream big would help them establish businesses that will live up to their ambitions and have pursuits that best utilize their talents.

Hawamdeh reaffirmed MenaITech’s support for activities that spread understanding of entrepreneurship for youth. He called on youth and students to think about businesses and creative interests that they love and where they can find themselves. He also stressed that they should make the best of what is available today from initiatives and events happening in the Jordanian entrepreneurship ecosystem through incubators and the private sector.

Executive Director of Partnerships at Injaz, Mohannad Al-Jarrah said that this visit comes as part of the ongoing collaboration between Injaz and MenaITech which aims to achieve Injaz’s mission to engage youth and prepare them to be active members in the community and contribute in growing the national economy.

Al-Jarrah added that these types of activities provide students the opportunity to get a close-up view of the entrepreneurship world, helps them choose a career path and build their future prospects. In addition, the students get to see examples of successful startups and entrepreneurs that will drive them to innovate and be creative.

The visit happened after the students of Jawa High School met with Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh as part of Injaz’s ‘Business Leaders’ campaign which is organized annually with the goal of inspiring students and instilling the spirit of creativity and drive within them so they can achieve their future goals and be successful in their professional and personal lives.