About Menaitech

For over 20 years, menaitech’s name has been synonymous with innovation in human capital information systems and HR technology across the Middle East and North Africa. Menaitech’s
HR technology solutions are used by private and public sector organizations, startups and non-profit institutions across the entire region. From payroll, recruitment, to training and development, succession planning and much more, menaitech covers the full breadth of the HR technology scope with powerful and easy to use platforms.

Menaitech’s solutions and cloud technology help clients maximize the full potential of their people, empower their employees, and give managers the tools they need to run their teams with confidence with the ultimate goal of driving efficiency and growth.

Menaitech is also at the forefront of HR data and analytics to help organizations make smarter decisions about their human capital based on real-time information. Combined with mobile applications, we are continuously pushing the bounds of HR digital transformation in the region.

Menaitech’s team is made up of both technology, HR and business experts, ensuring we give clients a holistic approach that covers proper tech application, strategic and innovative HR concepts, and a business view to achieve sustainable and profitable impact on your organization.


Innovate world-class human capital solutions in the MENA Region specifically designed to meet the needs of each country.


Deliver smart and technologically advanced HR solutions that unleash the potential of our clients’ human capital.


Always deliver at the highest levels of service and ensure client satisfaction every step of the way.


Creative solutions to old problems is at the heart of our mission, we believe technology needs to continually improve to better serve our clients.


We invest in our people, so they are continuously learning new approaches and technology applications.


Uphold our commitment to help our clients succeed, for our employees to grow and achieve their ambitions and our community to be a better place to live.


The Menaitech brand and our reputation is built on our credibility; we deliver on our promises and our  technology is designed to more than meet clients’ expectations.


We believe in the importance of being transparent and communicating our activities to all stakeholders.