Social good for a better world

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Since menaitech’s establishment we have paid close attention to our impact on the environment, community, our employees and their family members. We regularly implement initiatives as part of our sustainability strategy to ensure we leave a long-term positive impact through our operations.

Our sustainability approach is being driven by senior management at the strategic level and our people who volunteer to ensure we leave a positive impact on the community. We have three main focus areas:

The Environment

Our role as an HR technology provider and proponent of digitization means we constantly push for the reduction of resources consumption at organizations. Our systems support paperless workplace as we have helped organizations significantly reduce paper consumption by 50-70%.

Furthermore, we have implemented energy and natural resource management technologies at our headquarters to reduce our ecological footprint. Combine that with electronic recycling programs, tree planting activities and community hygienic initiatives, and we are beginning to move toward a more environmentally friendly approach on a company-wide level.

With our recent move to cloud solutions, we are beginning to cut down local servers deployment for our clients, further reducing energy costs through our operations.

The Community

Part of being a menaitech family member means regularly volunteering for our community initiatives. We regularly organize events, activities and initiatives that aim to support underprivileged people during the holy month of Ramadan and throughout the year.

We also support students and youth with mentorship, internship, and job shadowing programs with various educational institutions in Jordan.

Our People

Menaitech invests in its people and not just with regular training and capacity building programs, but with employee engagement programs designed specifically to empower our people. We
have created an organization structure to promote and grow people within our organization to take in leadership roles, pass on their knowledge and grow their teams with them.

In addition, our innovation and development department is the hub that motivates creativity.

We also organize regular social events and activities to keep our people close and reinforce the menaitech family synergy.