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Jul 2009

MenaITech Signs a Joint Venture Agreement with the University of Jordan

To Offer the First HRM Practical Diploma in the Region

Middle East & North Africa Internet Technologies (MenaITech) signed a joint venture agreement with the University of Jordan (UJ) this month to offer the first Human Resources Management (HRM) practical diploma in the Arab region for both university students and professionals to apply their theories on a hands-on practical course that would equip them for the professional world of HR.

The agreement was signed between MenaITech CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh and the Director of the Center of Consultation of the University Dr. Bassel Hanayneh at UJ’s Center of Consultation.

Dr. Hanayneh said, “UJ is very proud to have partnered with a company such as MenaITech, which already has extensive experience in HR applications across the region. After fully studying the expertise and levels of professionalism of MenaITech’s methodology of work, we decided to partner with MenaITech in this initiative since they have led one of Jordan’s best success stories in HR applications across the region.”

On his side, Dr. Hawamdeh said, “Since we all now know the value of HRM as the core of every organization, this course is unlike any other in the sense that it takes the traditional learning methodologies one step further. Instead of pure theory, we’re aiming to help HR professionals and those interested in HR in general to perform HR functions on an application that will automate such processes. With such a training course, this new generation of graduates will compete on an unmatched level in the region, with a holistic understanding of not just HRM, but HRM in practice.”

The 200 hour course is tailored for managers, executives, HR specialists, and university students who want to enhance both theoretical and practical skills in HRM. Before attending the course, trainees are expected to have basic familiarities with HR and personnel functions. The class sessions will include a combination of lectures, interactive exercises, case discussions and presentations. An HR Diploma certificate will be issued to participants upon course completion and passing of exams.