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Jan 2009

MenaITech Shares its 2009 Strategies and Honors its 2008 Employees of the Year

During a MenaITech Employee Event

Middle East and North Africa Internet Technologies (MenaITech) held a company event yesterday at Al Fanar Hotel to share its 2009 strategies and to honor the winners of its Employees of the Year 2008 initiative in order to build awareness and incentive towards its employees for the new year.

MenaITech CEO Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh explained the opportunities lying ahead of the company as a result of the financial crisis with specific focus on the Saudi market in 2009. He explained that the need for local companies that combine international standards with a lower cost of ownership consequently becomes the alternative for such clients.

He said, “On an internal level, we have developed new ideas to cut costs not through hiring or firing, but in fact by focusing on training the high performers who would implement such competitive services. As you know, we constantly work on financial transparency with our teams to ensure that we are all speaking the same language.”

Moreover, two awards, selected from Time Center, were handed out to Ms. Sara Mahadeen from the Business Development team and to Ms. Abeer Qatouni from the Customer Care team. The winners were selected based on the results of nominations by line managers that were built on factors such as achievements, commitment and loyalty, adherence to internal policies as well as interpersonal communication.

Dr. Hawamdeh said, “This decision was not an easy one, because we believe that all MenaITech team members really deserve this title for their efforts in 2008 and for the state-of-the-art system that we develop, the large sales that we acquire, and the professional services that we deliver, but nevertheless a decision had to be made.”

As part of MenaITech’s incentive scheme, the company honors its employees on a monthly basis with its Employee of the Month initiative and a larger-scale Employee of the Year initiative to draw a positive end to the year.