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May 2022

Integration between MenaITech and ELM’s E-portal Muqeem for residency renewal

MenaITech, an innovative provider of human capital information systems and HR technology in the Middle East and North Africa, and Saudi Arabia’s Elm partnered with an innovative mindset to develop an automated process and an online platform that streamlines immigration operations. With Muqeem, you can renew your residency online, as residencies in Saudi Arabia are no longer handled manually, and our integration makes the process more centralized.

MenaITech’s automated system will allow residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to renew their residency electronically. Muqeem’s ability in processing transactions quickly and securely while gathering the accurate data required to conduct its services contributes to the system’s ease of use and effectiveness.

This service strengthens MenaITech’s relationship with its current clients, attracts new customers, and generates a new revenue stream for the company. This satisfies MenaITech’s promise and vision to support new and innovative products that contribute to excellent customer service and economic growth.

MenaITech is at the forefront of HR data and analytics to help organizations make smarter decisions about their human capital based on real-time information. Combined with mobile applications, we are continuously pushing the bounds of HR digital transformation in the region.