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Sunday 04 Jun 2017

Choosing a Cloud Payroll Service

When it comes to streamlining your payroll processes, it is imperative for businesses to invest in a reliable cloud payroll service. These useful applications allow HR personnel and business owners to leverage automation of salary calculation. The systems can easily take into account benefit deductions, holiday pay; taxes, overtime, shift differentials and number of projects completed, and then make payments to the staff by check or direct deposit.

You can easily use these services for managing paid time off by tracking how many sick hours and vacation leaves employees have earned and how much they have used. However, not all payroll providers offer the same level of service. This makes it crucial for business owners to perform their relevant research before deciding on a cloud payroll service. So, without further ado, look at these factors for selecting a cloud payroll software.


If you are looking for a reliable payroll software application, it is imperative that you look for features that allow for the handling of all tax obligations. The best of applications will offer detailed payroll reports, paid-time-off management, garnishment payments, multiple wage rates, and direct deposit.

Ease of Use

The payroll service you choose should not be too difficult or complex to understand. The vendor you get the software from should have an easy-to-use, simple, and user-friendly interface that enables you to run your payroll efficiently by tracking all vital metrics, while also allowing you to add employees into the system within a matter of minutes.

Cost and Contract

When it comes to finding a reliable cloud payroll, you need to place strict emphasis on the cost. It is important that you choose a service that fits into your budget. Determine whether a contract is required or not and what will be the cost of acquiring additional services/features for business management. Some services require yearly commitments, while others operate on a month-to-month basis. Decide which works best for you.

Proven Provider

Do not just go for the first cloud payroll software you find online and make sure to perform thorough research on the vendors. Payroll is a critical aspect of any business. Without accurate payroll, you cannot have happy employees. Therefore, the vendor you choose the software from should have a good reputation and be known for offering good customer support and technical support.


You will need a cloud service that has the capability of integrating with other programs you might already be using, which can include Enterprise Management System (EMS) or Attendance Tracking. Many popular vendors will enable you to integrate your payroll with other business aspects like accounting for easier management. If integrated with a time-tracking system, small businesses will not be required for manually entering employee hours, as it will automatically be recorded and updated on the payroll system.


The cloud payroll system you choose should offer reliable support in the form of live chat, email, or phone. Support is crucial for figuring out solutions to problems you might be experiencing with the software. Therefore, do not hesitate on asking whom you should call and speak to if something goes wrong, the response time you should be expecting, and how you will be receiving assistance.

Employee Self-Service

Last, but not the least, the cloud payroll you choose should enable employees to log into their own accounts and view digital payslips and year-end tax forms. This self-service portal will provide them all the information they need regarding monthly performance, time of hours spent in office, and other salary deducing metrics.

Therefore, now that you are familiar with the tips mentioned above, finding a good cloud payroll software will not be a problem.