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Thursday 11 Feb 2016

The Benefits of Cloud Payroll in UAE for Your Business

HR department is an indispensable element of any organization and their most pivotal responsibility is payroll processing. Amidst a wave of cutting edge technology, companies all over UAE are indefatigably making changes to their human resource department to incorporate cloud based payroll software to streamline their processes and ensure efficiency. If you are oblivious to this biggest blessing in technology, cloud based systems allow you to store data and programs on a remote system which can be accessed from anywhere, without any geographical constraints! Here’s how your company’s bottom line can benefit from garnering a Cloud Payroll System in the UAE:

Easy and Fast to Obtain

When your payroll software floats above the “clouds”, it alleviates the dependence of businesses over acquiring dedicated IT resources for supporting and maintaining their software. With cloud based payroll management software, you garner enhanced accessibility, the entire functionality and data is available upon login without needing any installation, and natural catastrophes have no impact on hindering your accessibility. In addition, wards off IT dilemmas with integrating, advancing, or maintaining security. The cloud provider takes these trivial hassles off your hands and leaves you free to address more imperative issues. All employees can easily access their payroll data from anywhere in the world.

Payroll Is Always Working

Whether you are considering issuing payments, applying retirement funds, processing timesheets, or calculating tax information, a cloud based software helps you streamline processes. The most important benefit of a Cloud Payroll in UAE is that it is always “on”, meaning that no matter the time of day, your processes and data are always accessible, on the go, from cloud. Whether you are away from your work desk, away on vacation, out to grab a bite, or at a conference, you never have to miss any more payroll deadlines.

Enhanced Collaboration

When your payroll software is accessible to multiple employees simultaneously, they can collaborate on any process, with unlimited access to identical and live data. In addition, as the needs of your company change, you have the choice of scaling the services up or down as required. Whether you are running a seasonal operation or aspiring to grow your company in the future, this is great news.

Impervious Security of Confidential Data

Cloud Payroll in UAE is as safe as it goes and protects theft or loss of confidential company data. It entails no need for In-house IT house, aging equipment, or complicated server backup schedules, since all your processes and data is backed up in the cloud. Payroll information is generally preserved for years and cloud makes for easy access and storage of data.


Staying abreast of payroll legislation over multiple countries is a tough nut to crack. Organizations that function over multiple jurisdictions need a “state of the art” solution, compliant to all local regulations and tax legislation. This is exactly what you garner by a cloud based payroll system!

Easing the HR burden

Commendable hosted payroll software provides an efficient, secure, and accurate payroll solution. By leveraging this latest tweak in technology, HR department can lessen the monotonous paperwork and time committed to payroll processing. This allows HR personnel to spend their time enhancing productivity and perking up revenue generating solutions for the company!