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Tuesday 12 Sep 2017

Cutting Operational Costs with Payroll Software

Payroll is the sum recorded from financial records of the salaries of employees in a firm. This includes deductions, salaries, and bonuses. To ensure employees receive accurate salary slips, most businesses usually use excel sheets, calculators and manual bookkeeping. However, these practices for calculating payroll prove to be rather expensive, as you need to have a whole bunch of highly skilled accountants to handle each task. Are you looking for ways to cut operational costs in your firm? If so, then you might want to consider using Payroll System.

These software applications for calculating payroll automate the entire process. When combined with the employee attendance management, performance, and tax deduction systems, you can benefit from more accurate calculations and payroll function, without the need of hiring a department of accountants. This results in tremendous amount of savings, while allowing businesses to focus on proper resource planning and other important aspects of running a firm.

How Can Payroll Software Help Cut Costs?

With an automated payroll system, most data entries will be happening on a real-time basis, minus manual intervention from accountants. For instance, as soon as an employee enters the firm by presenting fingerprint or punching their card, the attendance is recorded in the system. Other important tasks like loan valuation report, interest calculation, tracking of loan repayment, uploading TDS submissions, calculating employee salary (based on various parameters like welfare fund, provident fund, and income tax), and auditing of employee earnings and deductions are also automated.

This reduces the tasks performed by accountants on a regular basis, meaning you will not have to pay high salaries for simple tasks. All payroll functions can be completed with just a matter of clicks here and there on the software applications. Even hefty tasks like the creation of forms, retrieving tax parameters, and adding policies can easily be done through the software. Manually this could take an account anywhere between five or six hours to complete, while still experiencing doubts in the accuracy of each process.

However, with the help of a Payroll Software all tasks can be done instantaneously within minutes or even seconds in the most accurate way possible. Subsequently, you can easily cut operational costs by reducing the need of a highly skilled staff in the financial department. The lesser employees you have for calculating payroll, the better chances of you receiving high cost savings. Apart from cost cutting, Payroll software can even reduce the time invested in each process.

Automated credit transferring to online banking facilities and production of salary slips facilitate an efficient and fast payroll function within the business. All of this can result in lesser downtimes in completing the entire periodical payroll process, reduced investment of staff training, and increase in productivity. When you acquire Payroll Software from renowned IT and Technology companies like MenaITech, you even leverage ongoing customer support.

This results in smooth operation and maximization of the software potential, which further results in cost savings, as you aren’t required to have your own IT department for handling software issues. Many companies, especially those operating on a small scale can save financial resources by switching to an automated Payroll Software system. With improvements in financial sheet and payroll calculations, businesses can focus more on core business aspects, allowing them to grow further.

As you can see, there are many benefits of using Payroll Software for cutting costs. The key is to look for a tool that offers you the features you need to collect and analyze data effectively. Also, make sure the tool is designed professionally and meets all your requirements to the letter.