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Oct 2015

Thirty-Five Companies Within the Sayegh Group Adopt MenaITech Systems

MenaITech, the Jordanian company specializing in the development of human capital information systems, recently signed an agreement with the Sayegh Group to adopt MenaITech systems for its companies around the world, including National Paints and Ro’ya TV which are amongst their major brands.

The agreement was signed by the CEO of MenaITech Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh and the CEO and Chairman of Sayegh Group, Eng. Faeq Sayegh.

The unlimited license agreement provides MenaITech systems to all the companies of the Sayegh Group, in Jordan and abroad, which consist of over 5,000 employees in 35 companies. The Group’s companies operate across different sectors that include chemical manufacturing and engineering, real estate, mining, in addition to media and financial services.

MenaITech’s human capital management solutions provided to Sayegh Group covers: MenaITech products include the human resources information management system MenaHR®, the payroll & personnel solution MenaPay®, the employee & manager self-service solution MenaME®, the smart phone application that enables employees and managers to be more interactive with their HR-related information online MenaME-mobile®, in addition to the employee 360 degree feedback software Mena360®, the comprehensive HR consolidation and analysis module MenaExplorer®, the time attendance management system MenaTA®, in addition to the revolutionary cell phone notification service MenaSMS®.

MenaITech CEO Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh said: “We were able to gain the trust of the Sayegh Group since 2007 when we provided MenaITech systems to their company’s Jordan operations. Today we renew our relationship by expanding our cooperation to include all the companies within the Sayegh Group locally and internationally.”

He added, “MenaITech, within the last few years, has been able to implement new technologies in human capital management in line with the growing field which now encompasses engaging employees in managing their own HR matters, mobile capabilities, using cloud computing, and improving performance management.”

He further added, “MenaITech provides special trademarked systems, developed internally, which have garnered the trust of over 1,500 companies operating in different sectors. Our platform operates under a multi-company system that can accommodate group companies with subsidiaries or branches in different countries simultaneously while remaining compliant with local laws and regulations. This multi-company system gives users the ability to manage the system centrally and apply it to different branches and countries.”

CEO of Sayegh Group Eng. Faeq Sayegh commented. “As part of our continuous commitment to improve the services provided by our human resources department to the employees of the Group, no matter where they are, we have put our trust in MenaITech to cover all the Group’s entities. This also comes as part of our efforts to improve institutional governance through a centralized platform which allows us to effectively manage and plan the future of our human capital.”

The Sayegh Group was established in 1932 and the National Paints brand was ranked 35th globally amongst paint manufacturers based on its revenues in US dollars in 2014 as reported in “The Coatings World” publication.