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Jan 2012

Pharmacy1 adopts MenaITech solutions for human capital management

Pharmacy1 Establishment signed a strategic agreement with MenaITech, the regional company specialized in building and deploying human resources applications, aiming to enhance and automate the group’s human resources department.

Signed by MenaITech’s CEO, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh and Dr. Yousef Fanous, Pharmacy1’s Deputy CEO, the agreement included the implementation of MenaHR, MenaME, and MenaExplorer, in addition to MenaPay which was deployed in all Pharmacy1’s branches three years ago.

Dr.Fanous said, “Our administration is keen on keeping up with the best and most efficient technologies to meet our growing needs and orientations, that are designed to increase work efficiency and improve the quality of the expected results from such systems”.

From his side, Dr. Hawamdeh welcomed Pharmacy1’s trust in MenaITech’s applications, saying: “We are glad to service the group and support its management with the necessary solutions and needed techniques that would help its growth and employ its resources optimally.”

“Globalization and open international markets necessitate us to enhance our competitiveness and, as such, require our partnering companies, whether industrial or services based, private or public, to invest in human resources, which is one of the main pillars of success,” he added.

It is worth mentioning that MenaITech has recently deployed new editions of its applications compatible with cloud computing, in addition to its diversified applications including; MenaHR, MenaPay, MenaME, MenaExplorer, MenaSMS, Mena360, and MenaOSS, all registered trademarks of MenaITech.