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Apr 2012

MenaITech and Tatweer for Human Development (Egypt)

In a joint session conducted by MenaITech and Tatweer for Human Development (Egypt), experts at Tatweer explored its advanced technologies in the field of e-training which enjoy high levels of proficiency and accuracy in providing remote training together with explanatory tutorials.

The session, held at the Intercontinental Hotel, seeks to acquaint participants with the novel concept of active tutorial-based online training which will help trainees gain a clearer view and better understand the content of the training course.

In his comment, MenaITech’s CEO, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, said, “There is no doubt that e-training programs played a key role in raising the number of people taking educational courses in different domains. This technique which facilitated the application for any training course at any time and any place is expected to provide the local labor markets with a qualified and skilled workforce that matches their needs.”

Dr. Hawamdeh also highlighted the importance of web training in bridging the gap between education output and job market needs, noting that this goal is compatible with the objectives of MenaITech which specializes in building human resources management systems and has recently been adopted by Tatweer for Human Development as its exclusive partner in the Middle East.

For his part, CEO of Tatweer for Human Development (Egypt), Dr. Mohamed Fahmy, praised the value-added features distinguishing Tatweer’s online video training courses which will grant companies and even individuals the opportunity to improve their skills remotely, thus eliminating the need for traveling to other countries or going to traditional training centers.

“Through the use of real video tutorials, we succeeded in overcoming obstacles hindering effective remote training and in addressing the needs of every specialized course to provide trainees with a unique educational experience that ensures a deep understanding of the content of each course,” Dr. Fahmy said.

He also noted that such courses which enjoy high degrees of practicality can be tailored to match the various needs and expectations of different organizations that will not be required to tolerate the costs of training newly-recruited members.

Tatweer for Human Development is the first Egypt-based company specialized in providing high-quality distance education programs and training services that suit the requirements of the regional markets.