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Jun 2007

MenaITech Supports Petras Bid as the New 7th World Wonder

Under the Slogan Promote Jordans Resources

Middle East & North Africa Internet Technologies (MenaITech) has replaced the corporate logo of its email signature to a temporary Vote for Petra logo in order to increase Petra’s polls in the final round of voting for the New 7 World Wonders campaign.

Under the slogan ‘Promote Jordan’s Resources’, the logo contains a hyperlink which directs MenaITech’s contacts to the Register to Vote section of the New Seven Wonders website.

MenaITech CEO Bashar Hawamdeh said, “We decided to contribute towards supporting Petra through our broad base of stakeholders which extends across the Arab region, bearing in mind that MenaITech is the first and leading software company specialized in Human Resources Management Systems tailored for the MENA region.”

He added: “Given that MenaITech is a locally-developed product built on the basis of developing organizations’ human resources, we believe that the Petra campaign has a very significant role to us given its international credibility as a Jordanian natural resource. We hope that we have created some impact to Petra’s voting results, which are nearing their final stages early next month. If Petra wins, we congratulate all those who have led to such a historical and groundbreaking result. If not, we will nevertheless remain loyal to an architectural genius that has proudly survived the test of time.”