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Dec 2010

MenaITech Sponsors Microsoft Open Door 2010

MenaITech, specialized in building and deploying software solutions and human resources applications in the Arab world, announced their Gold sponsorship of Microsoft Jordan Open Door 2010, slated tomorrow Wednesday in Amman, Jordan.

MenaITech stated that their sponsorship for the largest technology event in the region falls within their interest in consolidating cooperation possibilities with Microsoft and other notable clients in the region- pointing towards MenaITech CEO, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh who is a keynote speaker during the conference.

During the 2-day event, Microsoft will shed light on the latest developments regarding Cloud Computing and the possibilities of replacing previous applications. Participants will be introduced to the importance of Cloud Computing, discussing its advanced features for the ICT sector.

Hawamdeh said, “As the ICT sector industry is moving fast, such a conference was actually needed. It creates a linkage that allows us, as companies, to communicate and interact with MS’s knowledge and trends for the next season, reading the future, especially with Cloud Computing.”

He added, “Via our Gold sponsorship, we aim at employing cloud computing in applications. We will browse, in one specialized workshop, some of the applications built on this technology, based on the latest MS technologies and products. We hope our participation will contribute to enriching this event and assist the participants in taking a dip into this ICT Ocean.”

Michel Diab, Business, Marketing & Operations Director for Microsoft North Africa, Eastern Mediterranean and Pakistan (NEPA), stated, “Microsoft Open Door is the most anticipated technical event of the year that aims to introduce Jordan’s IT professionals and experts to the latest Microsoft technologies, providing them with the unique opportunity to remain up to par with the ever changing needs of the fastest growing industry in the world.”

It is worth mentioning that MenaITech and Microsoft enjoy a strategic partnership through which MenaITech combines their Human Resources applications with MS Enterprise Resource Planning ERP. The partnership allows organizations and enterprises to support their productivity and increase their operational costs, linking their departments via a comprehensive, safe, and secure environment.

MenaITech forecasted that during the conference, which would be attended by more than 1000 experts in ICT, several work sessions would take place, addressing tons of modern trends in technology, best practices, and solutions execution methods. Additionally, Open Door 2010 will browse the latest news on Microsoft tools, platforms, and services currently available and the anticipated ones.

To achieve the highest possible impact, the conference sessions will be divided into categories. There will be sessions for technology experts, developers, companies, and various others for ICT executives to address the new market trends including Cloud Computing, New Development Platforms, the best practices for establishing an optimized work environment and mobile application development platforms.