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Jun 2013

MenaITech participates in sponsoring Entrepreneurial Excellence in the Knowledge Economy Conference

MenaITech, the regional company specialized in building and deploying human resources applications, has recently taken part in sponsoring Entrepreneurial Excellence in the Knowledge Economy (EEKE), a conference that operates from a thorough future vision aiming at advancing the state of sustainable entrepreneurship in the country and prompt young people to start entrepreneurial projects that would push forward the wheel of national economy.

Organized by the Young Entrepreneurs Association (YEA) in partnership with the Strategic Center for Organizational Performance Improvement (SCOPI) at King Hussein Business Park, the Conference witnessed the participation of university students, owners of start-ups and small medium-sized enterprises, as well as many entrepreneurship stakeholders and supporters in Jordan, including grants and funding institutions, incubators, and venture capitalists.

During the sessions of the Conference, existing successful entrepreneurs answered questions raised by the attendees and exposed them to factors of their success and challenges they have encountered to motivate them to move forward with their start-ups.

In addition, the EEKE Conference hosted, as a main speaker, Professor Maria do Rosário Cabrita, a specialist in strategic management, intellectual capital, knowledge management, innovation, measurement of intangibles and entrepreneurship programs, and co-author, with Prof. José Maria Viedma, of the book entitled “Entrepreneurial Excellence in the Knowledge Economy: ICBS: Intellectual Capital Benchmarking System.”

Professor Cabrita acquainted the participants with means of achieving entrepreneurial excellence in the knowledge economy and equipped them with Intellectual Capital Benchmarking System (ICBS), the only methodology relevant for successful strategy formulation, innovation, and gaining and sustaining competitive advantages.

In his comment, MenaITech’s CEO, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, said: “We are pleased to play a role in sponsoring the EEKE Conference, which aspires to promote innovation and business entrepreneurship in the Kingdom through providing youth with job opportunities and adopting a comprehensive approach whose elements enable the attainment of entrepreneurship in knowledge economy and allow initiative takers to sharpen their leadership skills and compete at an international level.”

“Our sponsorship of this event stems from our strategy whose main objective is to create an entrepreneurial work environment while highlighting the effective role that companies operating in the IT sector can play in backing talents,” Dr. Hawamdeh added.

Being one of the nation’s successful entrepreneurs, Dr. Hawamdeh participated in a panel discussion at the Conference and shared MenaITech’s success story with the audience.
It is worth mentioning that MenaITech has always been keen on sponsoring a large number of IT-related conferences and specialized symposiums at the local and regional levels, with the last event being the MENA ICT Forum 2013, which tackled in its sixth edition the future vision of the ICT sector in the Arab world.