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Sep 2007

MenaITech Participates in GITEX 2007 for the Second Consecutive Year

Middle East and North Africa Internet Technologies (MenaITech) will be participating in the annual Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX) for the second consecutive year through its participation in the Jordan-Int@j Pavilion in order to promote its products and expand on the momentum that it has built throughout the Arab world.

Mr. Bashar Hawamdeh MenaITech CEO said, “We would like to extend our gratitude to the Information Technology Association of Jordan (Int@j) for providing us with such an opportunity for the second year in a row which further demonstrates its commitment to the new Jordan ICT Strategy that will hopefully reach greater benefits than the previous 5-year ambitious Reach initiative. We are also lucky to have the Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO) as the funding arm for the Jordan Pavilion this year which has helped us focus on broader marketing activities than those of last year’s.”

With regards to last year’s accomplishments, Mr. Hawamdeh added, “MenaITech has come a long way in the past year with regards to gaining new clients, new features and new partnerships. To start with, our first implementation for Egypt took place this year for a newly acquired client; i2. ARAMEX International Limited has also been added to our client list this year as MenaITech’s first international client. Furthermore, we adapted new technologies in our system and further localized its features by activating more country profiles in our software. With regards to new partnerships, we have gained alliances in Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia this year inline with our regional expansion strategy.”

MenaITech has a number of activities planned for the region’s largest technology exhibition which will include a unique marketing activity for its latest HRMS product and forging new regional business partnerships as part of its new 2008 expansion strategy. MenaITech will disclose more details on these events in the upcoming days of the exhibition.

Founded in 2003, MenaITech is the first software company specialized in the development and distribution of Human Resources solutions across the MENA region with the aim to provide HR solutions that maximize the return on the human capital investment for all MenaITech customers by providing accurate and reliable management information, improving access to information, and reducing costs of operating the HR solution.