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Feb 2014

MenaITech launches the first Arabic Platform using Cloud Computing

Hawamdeh: Intellectual Property is the pillar for successful software industry

MenaITech, the first software company in the Arab region specialized in the development and distribution of Human Resources solutions, announced last Thursday the launch of the first Arabic Platform using Cloud Computing.

The new platform allows the business sector to build and use four solutions specialized in the management of human resources and business development.

With this technology, MenaITech, enters a new era in the developing of technologies in the Arab world’s markets.

MenaIP, the new platform using the Cloud Computing technology, allows SMEs to use solutions that enjoy intellectual property and that are developed by MenaITech. The solutions work through the Internet thus, replacing the traditional methods of purchasing and adopting the use of the solutions.

According to the company, the use of MenaIP, started one year ago, and today, more than 100 clients are using it. The platform allows the usage of for products developed by the company. These solutions are; the MenaLite®, which is a payroll and employees’ self-service solutions, MenaCRM®, which is a solutions for the management of customers’ relations and the atomization of sales and support for enterprise clients. The third solution is MenaTracks®, which is a technical support and complaints follow up system, while the fourth solution MenaPMS® is a solution to manage and implement an enterprise strategies.

The announcement was made during a press conference the company held recently in the presence of Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, the company’s CEO, and Mohammad Mfarrej, the CEO of 01Tracks, a company affiliated with MenaITech.

According to Hawamdeh, the launch of this platform is a continuation of the company’s process to strongly compete in the field of Solutions development, and allows the entry of its Solutions and offers and usage via the internet and for the first time, to replace the traditional means in exhibiting, adopting and using its technologies.

He added that intellectual property is the basis for the success of companies working in the sector of software development, and this is the basis for MenaITech work since it was established. The company, according to Hawamdeh, depends on creating and designing solutions specialized in the management of human resources with intellectual property and designed in line with the needs of Arab markets, which helped the company to compete with international companies in this field.

Figures he cited showed that the clients of MenaITech exceeded 1,200 clients representing mega companies and enterprises in Jordan and the region. In addition, the company penetrated the markets of 16 countries through six offices managed by 120 employees; with most of them are Jordanians. The company was established in 2003 when it started working on a solution that was recognized as the first Jordanian-designed software and that was the first to get an intellectual property rights.

As for MenaIP, Hawamdeh stressed that it is important because of it’s the technique that is built on, which is the cloud computing technology that will shape the future of the sector in the upcoming few years. He also noted that this technology will allow the companies to use MenaITech’s four solutions that are currently available on the internet as a service, without having any relation on how it works, and the servers on which the solution runs and other computing sources.

Meanwhile, Hawamdeh called on entrepreneurs and small companies that are establishing their business in the field of solutions development to depend on creating distinguished ideas, design services and solutions that can be easily used and launch them as new products as part of the platform. He also referred to the importance of the legislations stability to help the sector and companies develop.

Mr. Mfarrej also stressed the importance of intellectual property elements and the need to meet the local market needs and “convenience” in the success of the products in an industry that is strongly competitive such as the software industry.

He noted that these elements were the mixture for the success of this company and its products since it was established in the local market in 2007. He also called on the Jordanian companies working in the field of information technology and programming to focus on these elements to compete international solutions and products.

The acquisition of 01Tracks by MenaITech in 2012 provided the company with the power to realize more achievements and expand its operation in other Arab markets such as KSA, UAE and Kuwait, according to Mfarrej.

He noted that the company at present offers three main products and solutions and all of them were developed by Jordanians and depends on the “intellectual property”. These products are MenaTracks, that was designed to serve the business sector both in the public and private sectors, and allows companies and institutions in the public and ICT sectors to receive and follow up complaints, suggestions and enquiries in a modern and developed way that includes solving and managing all problems.

He noted that this product is the first Arabic system that received the ITIL certificate which is considered as the only international standard for technical support applications.
In addition, he noted that the company also offers a software for strategies implementation, evaluation and customers’ relations management. This system works for the sales departments.