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Mar 2015

MenaITech launches the first Arabic archiving and documents management system

Hawamdeh: MenaDMS answers the need of small-to-medium enterprises to manage their documents.

Amman – MenaITech announced the launch of the first system under its cloud computing umbrella MenaIP. The new product named MenaDMS targets the management and archiving of documents in a secure and easy manner that suits the necessities of the Arabic user.

The CEO of MenaITech – a Jordanian company specialized in developing HR and managerial systems and solutions- said: “MenaDMS is considered the first Arabic system designed for managing and archiving documents, and comes as a continuation to MenaIP; a comprehensive system that serves all companies in their varied types, as MenaIP has become the cloud front of 5 different systems, all aiming to ease processes related to HR and Business Development.”

He added that the new system allows for archiving and managing any organization’s documents and files, pointing out that what makes this system unique is its ability to pre-determine a series of authorities to access those documents and files, the ease of searching for and retrieving them as well as reaching them anywhere.

Hawamdeh clarifies: what makes MenaDMS special is that it targets SMEs, who will be able to purchase the system in a suitable price, explicitly for them and in the language they desire, noting that installing and operating the system is a quick and easy process that only requires creating an account and conducting simple training.

Concerning the security and protection of the files, he assured that the system is encrypted with a code that protects everything in a way that only the designated user can see and access it, as the system relies on more than one level of document security and multiple levels of authority within groups.

With a simple click, users can access documents inside the system and do not need to own any prerequisite hardware or software to operate it, simply a computer or smartphone would do.

MenaDMS is added to the platform of MenaIP systems that includes ones for payroll and personnel, employee self-services, customer relationship management, automating sales operations, companies’ customer support management and technical support, receiving and following up on complaints, as well as an organization strategy application.