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Oct 2017

MenaITech First Technology Company in Jordan to Outfit Website with Sign Language Interpreter for the Deaf

MenaITech, a Jordan-based company specializing in human capital information systems, implemented a new functionality on its website which features a virtual sign language interpreter for the Deaf and hearing impaired. MenaITech is the first tech company in Jordan to implement this feature.

This feature was made available on the MenaITech website (www.menaitech.com) in partnership with MindRockets Inc., a Jordanian startup that develops technology for Deaf and hearing-impaired people around the world. MindRockets is working to provide services for deaf people to better integrate them in society and the digital world through multiple applications designed to convert text and audio into sign language.

MenaITech, the first Jordanian tech company to implement sign language on its website, reaffirmed that this step comes as part of its commitment to making its services and communications available to all segments of Jordanian society, without exception, including the Deaf and hearing impaired. People from across Jordan and the Arab world research human capital management solutions and human resource management technology, areas where MenaITech excels. It is also worth mentioning that MenaITech continuously seeks to support and adopt technology from Jordanian entrepreneurial enterprises such as those provided from MindRockets.

The cooperation between MenaITech and MindRockets comes at a time when statistics show that 80% of deaf people do not read or write; there are about 12 million deaf people in the Arab region and approximately 360 million around the world.

The founder and CEO of MenaITech, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh said, “Since its inception in the ICT field, our company has believed in the importance of providing technology services to all segments of society. With the adoption of Mind Rockets software and solutions to convert web content to sign language, we further reaffirm our commitment to the communities we serve.”

Hawamdeh added, “Adopting this technology is also part of our support for Jordanian startups and their solutions and software, especially ones who stand out with their intellectual property. We look forward to greater cooperation and partnerships with Mind Rockets in the future.”

Earlier this year, MenaITech supported the Jordanian startup Mind Rockets to attend the World Mobile Congress, which is held annually in Barcelona.

Co-founder and Chairman of MindRockets, Mr. Mohammed Al Kilani, stressed the importance of this partnership and cooperation with MenaITech, the first company in the Jordanian technology sector to offer the sign language feature on its website. Al Kilani added that he hopes to build on this partnership with MenaITech for continued growth in the future.

Al-Kilani elaborated, “This partnership is an important milestone in the dissemination of Mind Rockets applications and software. This is also an important step toward integrating deaf people in the community and expanding the number of websites where they can obtain information which is translated into sign language.”