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Sep 2015

“MenaITech” enables clients to complete residency permits for their staff electronically in Saudi Arabia

The linkage between MenaITech’s systems to Muqeem e-portal has encouraged 15 companies in Saudi Arabia to use the service to complete residency permits for their staff electronically.

The service was made possible following the completion of linkage between MenaITech, the first software company in the Arab region specialized in the development and distribution of Human Resources solutions and management, and Saudi Arabia’s Elm Muqeem e-portal.

Only within nine months since launch early this year, 15 Saudi companies started using MenaITech’s human resources software to complete residency permits and exit visas for their staff electronically.

Bashar Hawamdeh, CEO of MenaITech, said: “The Saudi Arabia market is one of the most important markets for MenaITech’s operations. MenaITech is always keen on developing and introducing new products tailored for this vital ICT market in Saudi Arabia.”

Hawamdeh added that the MenaITech’s linkage with Saudi Arabia’s Elm Muqeem e-portal was proven to be efficient over the past few months as there has been an increasing demand by companies working in Saudi Arabia on using the system.

Hawamdeh stressed on the importance of integration between the public and the private sector, saying the linkage would not have been possible without the ability to use Saudi Arabia’s Elm Muqeem e-portal to complete residency permits and exit visas for employees.

He added that MenaITech seeks to increase the usage of the linkage among the various companies in Saudi Arabia that already use MenaITech’s products.

Muqeem e-portal, a Elm service, allows you to link your establishment to the General Department of Passports. The e-portal gives you access to many services that allow you to issue, extend and cancel exit-re-entry visas, issue final exit visas, view updated information about people under your establishment’s sponsorship and checking their status.

Services offered by Muqeem include enabling clients to issue the one-time exit and re-entry visa, print the exit and re-entry visa, cancel the exit and re-entry visa, extend the exit and re-entry visa issue the final exit visa, print the final exit visa and renew iqama (residency permit).