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Jul 2008

MenaITech Employees Awarded HR Diploma from Cambridge College

EAMTEC Conducts HR Diploma Training for MenaITech

As part of the company’s talent management policies, the employees of Middle East & North Africa Internet Technologies (MenaITech), an Optimiza company, have been awarded Human Resource Management Diplomas from the European Arab Institute for Management and Technology (EAMTEC), which were conducted under the supervision of Cambridge International College in order to build on the employees’ business know-how of the human capital industry.

MenaITech CEO Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh said, “As an HR solutions vendor, we at MenaITech have adopted the approach of tailoring business-centric courses for our team members so that we can create a common language amongst our consultants, technicians and business development staff; the language of HR. Since our business is built on the basis of HR, our objective is to serve our clients and develop our software by constantly training and developing our staff with the latest HR techniques.”

Including Dr. Hawamdeh, employees from the Technical Department, the Professional Services Department and the Customer Care Departments have undergone the diploma certification including Ms. Nawal Bazzari, Mr. Amer Abu Ghoush, Eng. Ahmad Hamawi, Mr. Mahmoud Alawneh, Ms. Balqis Qatarneh, Mr. Mohammad Amoum, Ms. Abeer Qatouni and Ms. Hind Haimouni.

The diploma is an international program held in cooperation and under the supervision of Cambridge International College in the UK. A 110 hour program full of case studies, presentations and practical experiences with topics ranging from HR strategy to job analysis, to health & safety, to employee counseling, the diploma is designed for HR professionals or those intending to pursue a career in HR. The diploma is issued only to those who pass the written tests conducted by the College. All MenaITech’s employees have been awarded the certificate so far.

It is worthwhile mentioning that at the end of 2007, MenaITech was acquired by Optimiza (Al-Faris National Company/ ASE:CEBC), a regional technology solutions and business consulting services company. With this step, Optimiza has become the owner of a wide variety of integrated solutions and services that enhance the performance of companies in the different sectors it serves including the telecom, banking, insurance, manufacturing and distribution, healthcare and government sectors.