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May 2010

MenaITech Celebrates Labor Day and its Seven Year Anniversary

Middle East and North Africa Internet Technologies (MenaITech), a regional human capital information system vendor based in Jordan, held its annual company dinner at Tannoureen Restaurant yesterday in celebration of Labor Day as well as the company’s seven year anniversary.

MenaITech’s CEO Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh said, “It is of great pride that we announce our seven year anniversary which consists of accomplishments that have materialized today despite the effects of last year’s economic slowdown. With over 100,000 employees in the Arab world registered on our product, our objective is to further consolidate our presence as a localized product with international standards. Our most recent projects in 2010 consist of Hikma Pharmaceuticals, one of the leading multinational pharmaceutical groups in the Arab region, which is implementing the solution across the MENA, along with Olayan Group, a private, multinational enterprise made up of more than 50 companies and affiliated businesses in Saudi Arabia who are implementing the full HR package. On a technical level, we have finalized our French version that will mainly cater to the North Africa region which we have placed great focus on this year due to our regional expansion plans.”

He added, “Labor Day is the most significant holiday throughout the year for our company as it celebrates human capital, their talent and their impact, all of which can’t be replaced by technology, hence enabling technology to carry out transactional processes instead. Therefore it is fortunate that our anniversary comes in the same month as this one, reflecting our core value; our people are our asset.”

MenaITech was founded in 2003 by a group of HR and IT professionals with the aim to provide HR solutions that maximize the return on the human capital investment for all MenaITech customers by providing accurate and reliable management information, improving access to information, and reducing costs of operating the HR solution.