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Jun 2013

MenaITech celebrates its 10th anniversary with over 1000 clients and rich technical products collection

Hawamdeh: Intellectual property and job specialization are key pillars to successful development of competitive local solutions

MenaITech, the regional company specialized in building and deploying human resources applications, has recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, marking the completion of 10 years of continuous success with more than 1000 individual and major institutional clients adopting MenaITech’s software solutions.

During an event that brought together the company’s employees, partners, and clients, MenaITech’s representatives emphasized that determined efforts and unrelenting hard work to build human resources solutions enjoying intellectual property rights will continue at the company, while keeping pace with the latest advancements in the world of technology in general, and cloud accounting technology in particular.

They also noted that while MenaITech currently operates in 16 regional marketplaces, the significant achievements and success stories that were made and added to MenaITech’s record of accomplishments over the years will always inspire the company to penetrate new markets.

In the event, a documentary film was displayed to share with the attendees the company’s story of success which has begun since its inception in 2003 with a few number of employees and a little venture capital.

In 2004, MenaITech was able to take its business to the next level and market its software solutions that have been receiving considerable attention from the region’s major companies, including the Palestine Telecommunications Company (Paltel), MenaITech’s first client, and Al Jazeera TV channels.

In 2006, MenaITech was able to upgrade its business growth rate, increase its list of clients, and gain interest from several investors. This jump-start led MenaITech to be acquired for the first time by Al Faris National Comp for Investment and Exports in 2008, thus expanding MenaITech’s local market share and achieving wide recognition of the efficiency of its systems across the Arab word. The second acquisition of MenaITech was declared in 2010.

In 2012, the company witnessed continuous growth in its revenues which amounted to $6m at the end of the year and acquired ZeroOne Tracks, a developer of IT software applications. These and other attainments were enabled by MenaITech’s dedicated staff of 120 employees who work in six offices strategically distributed in the region and the US.

Commenting on the event, the Chairman of the board of directors at MenaITech, Habib Ghawi, said: “We are proud to be here today to celebrate our 10th anniversary; a pioneering milestone that represents only the beginning of a long journey that paves the way for further achievements to come in the IT sector,” noting that he has invested in MenaITech for its accomplishments in developing high-quality products with intellectual property rights, making the company stand out among the competitors.

For his part, MenaITech’s founder and CEO, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, pointed out that combining intellectual property with job specialization lies at the core of successful program development and has been the source of MenaITech’s success, highlighting the significance of producing integrated solutions that satisfy the needs of the community.

In the celebration, honorary recognition awards were given to a number of MenaITech’s distinguished, highly experienced employees who have contributed to the company’s success since its launch, as well as to MenaITech’s clients, including those who were first and last added to the company’s long list of customers.