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Nov 2013

Effective participation for MenaITech in the TAMKEEN: Youth Empowerment in Kuwait

AMMAN— Based on its strong belief in the empowerment of the youth to enhance the socio-economic conditions in the Arab world and as parts of its efforts to enhance its regional presence, especially in the Gulf states markets, MENAITECH, the first software company in the Arab region specialized in the development and distribution of Human Resources solutions, took part in the 2nd TAMKEEN: Youth Empowerment conference in Kuwait.

MENAITECH said its participation in the regional and international event was in cooperation with its business partner PROCAPITA, which is the golden sponsor for the conference.
Participation in the event stems out of the two companies’ belief in supporting the youth and entrepreneurs in the Arab world.

MENAITEHC took part also in a special exhibition held on the sidelines of the conference.

MENAITECH highlighted its cooperation and partnership with PROCAPITA, which is specialised in human resources consultations, recruitment consultations and human resources management that it provides in collaboration with MENAITECH.

The conference attracted several young participants who attended several workshops held by international experts. Sessions at the event focused on means for empowerment and development of the youth, especially in the field of economy and entrepreneurship.

The TAMKEEN: Youth Empowerment conference, which was held in Kuwait for the second year in a row, became a platform for guiding the youth and empowering them to turn their ideas into productive ventures. The conference focuses on supporting all national initiatives that seek to develop the skills and capabilities of the youth.

Bashar Hawamdeh, CEO of MENAITECH, said: “The company’s participation in the conference is very important as it enhances its regional presence and continuity in supporting and empowering the youth in general and entrepreneurs and startups in particular due to the importance of these startups in providing an added-value to the economy and creating jobs and enhancing development.”
Hawamdeh stressed that MENAITECH’s strategy and corporate social responsibility focuses on supporting the youth, who represent the majority of the population in Jordan and the Arab world.